Lecture Series

FBA Stream presents lectures and speeches from powerful speakers and activists. These lectures are presented in front of live audiences.

  • Rally 4 Reparations

    On November 5th 2022, Foundational Black Americans from all over the United States gathered in Washington DC to have the largest reparations rally in history.

  • Foundational Black American Conference 2020

    The Foundational Black American Conference was a monumental live event filmed in Atlanta in the fall of 2020. This event had a host of phenomenal thought leaders and scholars assembled to discuss issues pertaining to Foundational Black Americans

  • Code Of Conduct

    Best selling author and critically acclaimed filmmaker Tariq Nasheed, embarked on a national lecture tour to give the 20 codes of conduct needed to combat systematic racism.
    The Code of Conduct lecture film is a live performance filmed at the Alliance Theater in Atlanta,which was part of the tour...

  • Breaking The Cycle

    Breaking The Cycle is a live lecture by best-selling author and filmmaker Tariq Nasheed. Filmed in front of a live audience in Toledo Ohio, Tariq Nasheed discusses certain rules and codes that people can use that will combat systematic racism.

  • International Racism

    International Racism is a lecture performance by New York Times best-selling author and critically acclaimed filmmaker Tariq Nasheed. This lecture was recorded in front of a live audience in London England.
    In this lecture Tariq gives his insightful and sometimes witty perspective on relevant rac...

  • Rally 4 Reparations 2024

    The Rally 4 Reparations event, held in Washington DC on June 15, 2024, was a significant gathering advocating for reparative justice for Foundational Black Americans. The event brought together activists, community leaders, and supporters who called for tangible actions to address the historical ...