• Rally 4 Reparations 2024

    The Rally 4 Reparations event, held in Washington DC on June 15, 2024, was a significant gathering advocating for reparative justice for Foundational Black Americans. The event brought together activists, community leaders, and supporters who called for tangible actions to address the historical ...

  • Tariq Nasheed's Museum Life

    Tariq Nasheed's Museum Life is a reality feature that gives a glimpse into the day to day dealings at the Hidden History Museum in Los Angeles.

  • American Maroon

    From the producer of the critically acclaimed documentary films Hidden Colors, 1804 and Buck Breaking, Tariq Nasheed presents the film American Maroon.
    American Maroon is a groundbreaking documentary film about the Foundational Black American rebel fighters who freed themselves during formal slav...


  • Buck Breaking

    Buck Breaking is a documentary film about the historic sexual exploitation of Black people.

  • The Adventures of Boochie Bear: Ep. 3- Money Problems

    Boochie is given a new mission by the FBI, and they assign two sidekicks to assist him

  • The Adventures of Boochie Bear- Ep. 4: Poisoned Jollof

    Boochie Bear has a new assignment from the FBI. He has to go undercover and sneak some poisoned jollof into an FBA event.